Collection: Epitaph Records

Epitaph and XLARGE were born out of the same neighborhood.

The early Epitaph crew were regulars at the flagship XLARGE store on Vermont.

Eli Bonerz, founder of XLARGE was a huge punk rock fan, and a true music head in general, so this collaboration was born in the youth of both entities.

Founded in 1980, Epitaph is currently celebrating 40 years of success - as XLARGE prepares to hit the 30 year mark in 2021, we’re happy to be collaborating with the cool older kid from down the street.

The collection consists of a short sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, hoodie and hat with a Nalgene bottle, created with bands in mind.

The XLARGE OG logo is updated with the gorilla holding the iconic Epitaph tombstone logo - beneath the characters is the inscription ’since 1980’ to reface the label’s founding year.

On the back of the short sleeve tee is the XLARGE font logo.

Down the right sleeve of the long sleeve tee and hoodie are the XL and Epitaph logos.

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