On Friday, March 14th, legendary artist Hajime Sorayama’s new solo exhibition titled "SEX MATTER" will open in Shibuya, Tokyo. This collaboration follows our previous partnerships in 2018 and 2019 and was created in relation to the exhibition, which sheds light on body modification and physical appeal through digital design. This collection will be available for pre-order on March 14th here at XLARGE.COM. 

This collection features a hardcore female ninja wearing chain mail, and a “godly female warrior”, both emphasize physical appearance and show metallic textures which are engrained characteristics in Sorayama’s work.

The "Sexy Robot" design featured here is a creation that will be shown at the exhibition. These pieces follow the "Consistency to the beauty of Sorayama" evoking feelings, even as Sorayama uses different subjects.

This piece features a collage of different body parts taken from Sorayama’s artwork archives, an open collar shirt that truly manifests the drawing skills of Sorayama, which stirs the imagination of the viewer.

The all-over pattern embodies "Sorayama Shunga, influenced by the cult culture of Edo and Meiji", the other signature style of Sorayama’s artwork, in addition to the sexy robot. An open-collar shirt that gives a full image of the artist’s aesthetics.

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