In a thrilling creative partnership, XLARGE and the renowned mural artist known as "DRAGON76" have joined forces to introduce an exclusive capsule collection. DRAGON76, a dynamic artist based in the heart of New York City, is making waves globally with his extraordinary work.

DRAGON76's art is deeply rooted in street culture, characterized by a passionate, life-infused touch that resonates with viewers' souls. His style continually evolves, exploring themes like the interplay of past and future, stillness and motion, and the coexistence of opposing forces such as justice and evil. His dynamic live painting performances, created spontaneously, attract offers and captivate audiences worldwide. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the only Japanese male artist to contribute to a mural at the World Trade Center Towers site, which tragically collapsed during the 9/11 attacks.

This exciting collaboration introduces an exclusive capsule collection, featuring brand-new art pieces crafted by DRAGON76. These artworks have been  incorporated into a range of apparel, including T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and work shirts.

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