One of the unique aspects of being a 26 year old brand? The stories. Whether the crew travels around the world or checks their DMs; there is always somebody sharing a story about their connection to X-Large from years past. 
That's exactly what happened when our friend Steinar shared his story about how X-Large had a large following in Iceland during the 90's. There was a record/skate shop called Excel that served as a cultural hub for the youth of Iceland. They carried early streetwear brands like Freshjive, Pervert, Stussy and of course, X-Large. 20 years later and there's a void that needs to be filled for the kids. Sure they have the internet to see what's cool, but Skuggi Skateshop plans to be the foundation for anyone willing to dig deeper than a "like" and participate. We collaborated with Skuggi Skateshop to open a pop up and connect with the heads of Reykjavik face to face. Thank you to everyone that came through and supported X-Large & Skuggi. 
The Skuggi Skateshop x X-Large collection consists of a t-shirt, longsleeve shirt, fleece and long hooded coach jacket. 
The first design "Bronugras", is an ode to a certain legendary Icelandic artist. Mixing in elements of underground club flyers, 3D graphics and flowers used in sophomore album "Post", we take a clean approach for our collaboration.
Second design "Fokking Fokk", became an expression used in Iceland to describe the anger felt towards the financial crisis in 2008. What started as a slogan used in a comedic sketch on Iceland TV, soon real life protest signs and graffiti popped up. We felt like this was appropriate given the current state of our country. Original picture by the Skuggi crew. 
Scroll down for pictures of our Pop up shop, lookbook and merchandise.
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