Pakkard Studio // LA

Slid through to the opening of Pakkard Studios the other week, it's exciting to see a new creative space emerge from an untapped area of downtown. Located in South Park district, these guys are heading the way and doing a good job of creating an open environment for the culture. Displaying arts of all mediums and focusing the spotlight on new clothing lines. Visit their shop and website to see what we're talking about, congrats fellas. 
Description from their website:
"Pakkard Studio is a new concept shop located in Downtown LA’s South Park District dedicated to the support and discovery of the world's most innovative artists and creatives. Mislaid within an ever-changing and confused art landscape, Pakkard Studio offers imaginative works of art and clothing. With the aim to showcase each artist's devotion to their love of fashion and the joy of uncovering hidden and undiscovered brands, each release is available with supplemental materials providing a commonly forgotten tangible experience."
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