Sometimes you have to look at Monday in the face and have your middle finger already in the air. Thankfully with plenty of good vibes, some boomin’ sounds for ya ear drums, and enough free Sapporo, most of us forgot it was Monday anyway. It's not everyday that the kids let some old heads rock with them. Luckily CLSC are good people and we helped present the first annual 'Labor Dazed Block Party' on Labor Day to celebrate the release of our XLSC collaboration. Seriously, shit got turned way up.  
What started as a fun idea, turned into a collective of neighbors & friends that had some actual fucking fun without any pretentions. And that's what it's all about right? Enjoy yourself. 
Be sure to go visit the CLSC shop, for the month of September we will be on display with our XLSC collection and peep the window display we worked hard on to build out. 
All the love goes out to everyone for participating and helping out. CLSC, C.B.L., 40's & Shorties, Pearl's Finest Teas, Flight Club, Chela's Fish Tacos and Sapporo Beer. Last but most definitely not least, huge shout out to Spintelect and SLGHTWRK for splitting the concrete with their sets. Thank you for setting the soundtrack for us to play.
Pictures from XL staff, Asato and link to more pics from @Paolo.Fortades
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