Well, here it is folks. X-Large's FW16 collection marks the 25th anniversary of the X-Large shop opening on Vermont, in Los Feliz, CA. Fittingly, we drew inspiration from our founders' interests in 60's sci-fi films, mid-century modern design, utilitarian aesthetics and we took it back to that 90's whimsical culture that surrounded the X-LARGE store neighborhood. We updated traditional outerwear pieces, with modern touches; revamped iconic graphics and celebrate a time when "streetwear" was about humor, individuality and imagination. 

The X-Large FW16 lookbook is shot in the same area where it's foundation was laid, East side Los Angeles. From the perspective of the kids that used to come hang at the shop all day, who eventually became key figures in the X-Large cannon. Come reminisce on a spell.




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