In continuation of our 25th anniversary book "True OG Streetwear", we hopped over to the PDX to showcase our rich history. Home to Compound Gallery, a unique storefront located in the Pearl District/Chinatown of Portland Oregon. Compound invited us to participate in their "First Thursdays" art walk.  The"True OG Streetwear" showcase will be up for the rest of October along with X-Large gear. 
While the book is packed with a ton of great content, we also had to edit a ton of pictures, interviews, etc out of the book. So we took advantage of this treasure chest of content and chose to highlight the images in an art installation.
Spanning 12ft wide and 7 ft tall, the wall is comprised of 25 years of graphics, ads, and photos that make up our Gorilla Cameo logo! 
Shoutout to Christian for these ill B/W pics. 
Instagram: @burt.christian
Thanks to the Compound Gallery squad, they got some talented youngins repping PDX proudly. Thanks to PBR for keeping us lit and all the people that came through and showed love. 
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