When first approached to participate in ComplexCon, we didn't exactly know what to think of it. Time passed as we prepared for the event and we noticed the brands, music acts and artists that are going to be present.... We all looked at each other and collectively realized that this is going to be a game changer. 
Complexcon was able to take the direct feeling of cruising on the internet into real life. It was sensory overload with a hip hop soundtrack. Different brands offered limited and exclusive items at the event and we chose to offer our Sorayama collaboration in addition to some classic X-Large gear.
Look closer... we gave a sneak preview to our upcoming collaborations with 24Kilates & Diadora, and Alpha Industries. 
Funny enough, for the 90's heads in our crew... the weekend gave hints of nostalgia to the days of hanging out at the mall, running around with your homies trying to holla at girls and looking cool among your peers. To our young squad, it was a moment to be face to face with creatives, artists and musicians they are so used to "liking" and "following" on social media. Most importantly, we finally had an opportunity to connect with our peers, customers and all the bright individuals that came into the weekend with an open mind.
Huge thank you to Complex, Capsule and Shopify for allowing us to participate in such an enlightening event. Bigs up to all the homies that stopped by the booth, old & new. Much love to the crew from Complex, Emily, Jinx and Russ. 
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