Once again tradeshow season comes full circle and the XLarge crew is out in Berlin to participate in the Bright Tradeshow. For this summer show, Bright made the move to be next door to the Seek show in the Arena building; next to the River Spree and in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. The two shows shared an outdoor beach area that had curated food vendors, djs and a convenient bar. All of this resulted in having some nice business meetings outdoors, taking full advantage of summer. We capped things off at the Obey x Bright closing party, checking out a gnarly skate bowl in the patio.

In addition to showing the Spring '16 season at Bright, 2016 marks XLarge's 25th anniversary. To commemorate this year, we created a collection with Chocolate Skateboards celebrating our roots together. Little known fact, Girl distribution got their start in the XLarge warehouse back in the nineties, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity make something special. To give all the tradeshow attendees a sneak peek; we hosted an event with Chocolate skateboards in the Our/Berlin vodka distillery and gave away some special Berlin edition tshirts made only for the event.

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