Recap: Bodega True OG Streetwear Book Release

25 years for a brand is no joke, a lot happens within that time frame; especially in regards to culture and trends. We've seen people, places and things come and go, unfortunately that includes our shop in Los Feliz. So when we get an opportunity to connect with a great shop that is reminiscent to the X-Large store we come through 100.
The family at Bodega were gracious enough to host an event for our True OG streetwear book celebration and we decided to bring some LA flavor with tacos and cerveza being that it was Cinco De Mayo as well.
Special gift bags were given to all attendees, made specially for this event. Huge thanks for everyone that came through, all the Bodega staff and Boston.
Check out Bodega and their online shop for all your XL gear and kicks: HERE
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